Use Cases

Uncovery addresses the main use cases faced daily by cybersecurity teams.

Keeping Control of my Exposure

Gain comprehensive visibility and maintain control over your digital landscape, whether you are stepping into a new role or challenging existing inventories.


  • New CISOs: Quickly understand and map the Internet exposed perimeter of your new organization to prioritize your security measures.
  • Veteran CISOs: Challenge and validate the completeness of periodic inventories from subsidiaries, overcoming the common pitfalls of declarative, infrequent, incomplete mapping.
  • Shadow IT: Identify and manage unknown or unauthorized digital assets, such as domain names or web services, registered by subsidiaries or external partners.

Continuous Risk Assessment

Proactively and continuously evaluate your risk against industry standards and best practices, detect misconfigurations, and prioritize actions based on risk levels.


  • Benchmarking Against Standards: Measure and ensure compliance with evolving cybersecurity standards (ANSSI guidelines, NIST SP 800, OWASP, PCI-DSS, CIS Controls, CWE, etc.).
  • Anomaly Detection: Spot unusual activities or configurations that may indicate a security risk.
  • Risk-Based Prioritization: Focus on the most critical issues first, based on an intelligent assessment of potential impact.

Critical Vulnerability...
Am I concerned?

Stay ahead of attackers by quickly determining if critical vulnerabilities massively exploited (e.g. Log4j, Xortigate, Cisco IOS XE, etc.) are relevant to your environment and, if so, where and how they impact your assets.


  • Identifying Relevant Technologies: Catalog and monitor your digital assets to immediately know if a new vulnerability affects your technology stack.
  • Locating Assets: Precisely pinpoint the assets that support the targeted technology and are potentially vulnerable.
  • Assessing Vulnerability Impact: Evaluate the specific risk and exposure of your assets to the identified vulnerability, enabling prioritized and targeted response.

Challenge or Complete my Cyber Rating

Validate and enhance your cybersecurity posture and ratings used for board reporting and insurance purposes by integrating precise, up-to-date, and factual data from our solution.


  • Rating Validation: Compare and contrast your external cyber rating with in-depth assessments to identify discrepancies or confirm accuracy.
  • Actionable Insights: Leverage detailed insights to improve your security measures and, consequently, your cyber rating effectively.
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