Advanced EASM
to elevate security

Discover, Assess, and Monitor your Internet-facing assets
laptop with graph, data visualization
face recognition
Clear Assets Mapping
Adaptative Assessment
Friendly Customer Support
Discovery & Management

Take Control and Manage Your Exposed Assets

Simplify asset management with our intuitive platform.
Obtain a clear asset mapping, organize your collections, and perform advanced searches.
Assets under management
Boosted visibility
data security, lock protection
Risk Assessment

Protect Your Business with Advanced Security

Quickly identify and resolve security issues with our specialized modules.
Activate the relevant ones based on your security requirements to analyze exposed assets and generate incident tickets for prompt corrective action.
Monitoring & Integration

Monitor Assets and Integrate them into Workflows

Keep an eye on the activity of your exposed assets, and easily configure their integration into your workflows with our connectors.
laptop with graph, monitoring
“A 360° view of our assets exposed on the Internet and their continuous monitoring: Uncovery makes it easy for us to manage our external attack surface!”
Skander Ben Jdidia,
CISO group
harfang lab logo groupcfao logo group

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