Monitor Assets and Integrate them into Workflows

Keep an eye on the activity of your exposed assets, and easily configure their integration into your workflows with our connectors.
laptop with graph, monitoring

Keep track in real time

  • Detection of asset evolution via a mapping process.
  • Follow-up of evolutions via a heatmap calendar, and return to exposure at a previous date in the event of incident response.
  • Tickets generated in the event of a problem and associated with an automatic recheck.

Easy access to your data

  • Easy-to-use platform for operational teams and managers, combined with an API REST.
  • Data exportable in CSV format.
  • Dashboard with clear KPIs.

Connect to your toolbox

  • Instant integration via 1-click connectors...
  • … To your other tools: Jira, Slack, Splunk, TheHive, etc.
  • Notification of events occurring during an update.