Take Control and Manage Your Exposed Assets

Simplify asset management with our intuitive platform.
Obtain a clear asset mapping, organize your collections, and perform advanced searches.
laptop with graph, monitoring
Enhanced Discovery

Obtain a clear assets mapping

  • (re)Discovery all of your domains, subdomains, IPs, ports, services, technologies and much more.
  • No false positive results, no time wasted sorting data.
  • Up-to-date detailed inventory, continuously monitored.
Structured Inventory

Organize your collections

  • Depending on business needs, tagging/grouping of assets into collections: by country, by BU, by project, by environments, etc.
  • Automatic updating of collections based on patterns used.
  • Archiving of assets that are no longer part of the monitored perimeter.
In Depth Perimeter

Perform advanced searches

  • Powerful graph data structures to identify links between assets.
  • Over 200 different asset classes automatically categorized.
  • Implementation of an advanced search engine and Boolean operator logic.