Protect Your Business with Advanced Security

Quickly identify and resolve security issues with our specialized modules.
Activate the relevant ones based on your security requirements to analyze exposed assets and generate incident tickets for prompt corrective action.
laptop with graph, monitoring
Security Controls

Avoid most opportunistic attacks

  • Compliance with security hygiene recommendations : remote access services, file sharing/exchanging services, databases, expired SSL certificates, etc.
  • Detection of misconfiguration and weaknesses such as web directories, administration interfaces, webmail and many more.
  • Creation of specific controls linked to custom policies.
Vulnerability Testing / Scanning

Strengthen your security posture

  • Identification and testing of the latest vulnerabilities via our scanner and customized template.
  • Sensitive files from web applications and trees no longer visible to attackers.
  • Pentest As A Service capabilities.
Corporate Shadow IT

Unveil the unknown

  • Discovery of hidden assets using digital footprint monitoring.
  • Detection of services exposed by a subsidiary/BU, agency/developer
  • Identification of assets registered by your company.